Data does not have value until it can be presented and used in a way that creates value

Only 13 percent of businesses have empowered front-line employees with actionable analytics. Those that have, become more productive and create more value.

Harvard Business Review Analytics Services, February 2020

Don't be confused by data. Talk to us about unearthing the nuggets from your data.

We have the digital and analytics skills to unlock the insights from your data and help your business identify opportunities, reach your target market and grow.

Not all web traffic is equal!

Most small businesses have a website but don't use their Google Analytics. In fact most don't know where to start. We're here to demystify web traffic and data analytics. RAAMP's analytics services include:

  • Digital Business Review - A roadmap for businesses that want to establish and/or grow digital channels
  • Google Analytics (GA) - Identify your best traffic sources and prospects
  • Geo-demographics - Use geography and geo information for targeting and improving relevance for customers
  • Data Blending - Expand your information assets. RAAMP uses geo-spatial matching and data blending routines to join internal, external and publically available data sources into insightful, powerful business and strategic marketing information.

The Digital Business Review:

  • Website purpose & goals
  • Search Engine visibility- Yours and competitors
  • Google Ads - advertising opportunities
  • Social Media – use of content and blogs
  • Understanding Google Analytics – key measures to watch

Digital Business Review

Research shows that over 50% of Australian small businesses don't have a website. (Source: GoDaddy Research 2019)

Without a website, your small business is missing crucial opportunities

Our Digital Business Review delivers a roadmap for businesses that want to establish a digital presence and realise business opportunities.

You’ll get a check list of things to do to make your digital presence work.

View GA Insights Report Example


GA Insights Report

Learn from your website traffic. Get key insights from the last 60 days. Measures included:

  • sessions
  • users
  • referrers
  • device type
  • entry landing page by bounce rate and exit page
  • geo-analysis (city).

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View GA Opportunities Example


GA Opportunities Report

This report will help businesses who are doing paid Google Ads campaigns identify growth opportunities.

Based on website traffic from the last 60 days, this report includes all measures in the Insights Report plus:

  • traffic types e.g. paid, organic, direct, referral, internal
  • paid traffic search queries i.e. search queries clicked
  • paid traffic device category
  • ad slot position i.e. ad position clicked
  • repeat users (a measure of loyalty)
  • source of online sales

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View Geo-Targeting Approach

RAAMP Geo-targeting example.pdf


Engage us to develop geo-targeted campaigns in Google Ads & Facebook.

Don't waste promotions on those outside your service region. Target just your area of activity/focus.

Identify and plan home delivery runs

Utilise census, socio-economic and search geo-data in local area campaign targeting

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Data Blending

Enrich your data to drive business insights and identify opportunities. Data sources can be combined:

  1. If they share a common key i.e. a “join key”
  2. Share a common geographic area i.e. they can be linked by geo-spatial matching e.g. premises within a postcode

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Case Studies

ISP Targeted Campaign

Small nbn ISP used data blending to match customer locations to census to identify best performing socio-economic segments.

Then using geo-spatial matching to nbn rollout areas to identify most attractive geographic locations.

A multi-channel campaign to target areas using:

  • Unaddressed mail pamphlets
  • Facebook geo-targeting
  • Adwords geographic radius targeting

Resulted in 2 times their overall market share in the target areas

Internet in New Housing Estates

A product profitability analysis identified a profitable product niche for the new housing estate segment.

The key to success involved reaching:

  1. A very specific geographic area
  2. Timed for building completion

Blending data from government open data "national map" with nbn rollout data identified specific targets.

A multi-channel campaign resulted in 4 times their overall market share in the targeted housing estates