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Our Plug&Go sensors detect mobile devices down to 1 sq m in real time

Experiential analytical marketing solutions for footpath based businesses

Attract and understand your customers, increase spend and drive loyalty!

  • How do you measure your ability to attract customers?

  • How do engage customers when they are in your vicinity?

  • Can you identify what is working and what needs improvement?

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The first AI-powered, customer behavior tracking for indoor venues

We provide turnkey, fully managed technology and SaaS solution

Passive tracking solution to measure customer journey, engagement, and loyalty.

Track customer behaviour

Foot Traffic Conversion

Measure share of pedestrian traffic

In-Store Engagement

Measure dwell times

Customer Loyalty

Measure Repeat Visitation

Unlock Customer Triggers

identify impact of marketing

How It Works - Real Time Experience Tracking

Chinese New Year marketing campaign resulted in a 20% improvement in conversion of passer-by foot traffic

Case Study -

Converting Passer-by foot traffic

Southbank Restaurant

“We were doing promo’s without knowing if they attracted more customers. Now we understand the impact of our promo’s on walk-by traffic and can focus on the ones that work”

Luke Dowell,

General Manager Commercial Operations, Red Rock Leisure

FastSensor Qualified Visitors

A FastSensor Qualified Visitor (FQV) is a person that is part of a group that acts in a similar way (behavior) in a given situation, store, restaurant, venue or booth. The algorithm learns the visitor behavior based on multiple analyses of the average persona and predicts the number of qualified visitors.

Why Qualified Visitors?

A FastSensor Qualified Visitor (FQV) has indicated interest in what a brand has to offer based on marketing efforts or is otherwise more likely to become a customer than other leads.

Consume the data your way

Use our Dashboard for fast and real time analysis


Use our API's or ETL feeds for data export to connect to your tool of choice for custom analysis

FastSensor’s robust software gives you access to data you may have never realised existed – information that could take the customer experience at your business to the next level. Our analytics dashboard makes it easy to identify trends and make changes that will have an impact and drive sales.

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