Local Marketing

Run a local business and service or deliver to your local area?

Been advertising in the local paper with diminishing returns?

Don’t want to waste your precious marketing $ reaching people you can’t / don’t service

RAAMP’s targeted Local Area Marketing (LAM) is the answer.

RAAMP can:

Analyse your local market(s)

Undertake a digital business review and produce a roadmap for a successful LAM using:

  • Google Ads

  • Facebooks Ads

  • Mail - brochure delivery targets (Unaddressed Mail Service)

It is estimated that the average business makes a profit of $3 for every $1.60 they invest in Google Ads!

When you’re ready to start advertising, we’re here to make implementation easy.

A pilot campaign can be run for under $1000.

Contact us now – We’re Google Ads Certified

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View Local Area Marketing Approach

RAAMP Geo-targeting example.pdf

Local Area Marketing

Local communities and business relationships have never been more important.

We have the experience, knowledge and skills to set up and manage successful local marketing campaigns

Don't waste promotions on those outside your service region. Target just your area of activity/focus.

We specialise in helping businesses market to their local catchment in:

  • Google Ads

  • Facebook

  • Unaddressed mail

  • Establish home delivery zones (increasingly important under Covid-19 social distancing restrictions)

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Google Ads

  • Geo-Locations

  • Audiences

  • Custom Lists

  • Ad extensions

  • Keywords

  • Scheduling

  • Responsive Ads

Facebook Ads

  • Geo-targets

  • Custom lists

  • Target Audiences

  • Scheduling

  • Headlines

  • Descriptions

  • A-B Testing

Unaddressed Mail

  • Profiling

  • Customer matching

  • Map target area selection

  • Order placement

Home Delivery Zones

  • Mapping

  • Delivery runs

  • KML files

  • Google Maps